About Us

Angus Glen Montessori School in Markham
Angus Glen Montessori School offers a private Montessori program to students between 6 months and 6 years of age as well as providing a program dedicated to nurturing and care of infants. At Angus Glen Montessori School (AGM) we strive to ensure that our students receive the best possible foundation, on every level, so that they are inspired for a lifetime of learning. Angus Glen Montessori School is a school with high standards of academic education and encourages students to also actively enjoy Music, Drama, Arts, Sports, Creative Activities, and Recreation.

School Environment:

Angus Glen Montessori School offers an environment (classroom) that is nurturing, safe, inviting and engaging. We provide a menu of professionally developed nutritious lunches and snacks. Each month our Chef creates a variety of well-balanced meals to ensure children receive optimal daily nutrition while in our care. Our location is within the Shoppes of Angus Glen, preserves the original Colty’s Corner School House built in 1862 with a modern facility designed to accommodate Montessori Programming.
“Education and heritage will walk hand-in-hand in our School, creating new memories for students in the growing community of Angus Glen,”
says Syeda Hasnain, Director of Education.
Angus Glen Montessori School


Angus Glen Montessori programme is based on the work of female physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori who, through her research and studies, helped to change the course of education in the early 1900s. Montessori recognizes that children learn in many different ways and at their own pace. Montessori is consciously designed to recognize and address different learning styles, helping students learn to study most effectively. Students’ progress as they master new skills, moving ahead as quickly as they are ready.

Montessori Method nurtures and strengthens all kinds of intelligences and learning styles:

On a daily basis, Angus Glen Montessori School Students will engage with our core program of a Montessori-based curriculum combined with Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence. Combining these two learning approaches assists our teachers to work with the strengths and weaknesses of each child and by so doing, to help the child reach their full potential. In this approach we distinguish our program from traditional Montessori /Daycare-only offerings.

Hours of Operation

Angus Glen Montessori operates year round from Monday – Friday 7:00am to 6:30pm and is closed on statutory holidays. We offer Full-time and Part-time Programs as well optional Weekend Care and Weekend Tutoring.

How to find us:

Angus Glen Montessori School is located at the Southwest corner Kennedy Road and Major Mackenzie Road.